Customized Golf Carts of Vero Beach helps you with your entire Custom Golf Cart Experience. We help you find or create the absolute perfect golf cart for your situation. We also teach you in preventative maintenance and the day to day use of your new Customized Cart. We will build and ship your cart anywhere in the USA and Bahamas!
We have delivered Custom Carts from Nassau to the Florida Keys to Washington State to Maine. We can design the entire cart with your initial instructions, then we keep you in the loop with Photos and videos of the cart as it is built. We can warranty carts through the USA via Club Car and or EZ Go dealers.   

What is a Customized Cart ?

There are many ways to Customize a Golf Cart.
For some people customizing is adding a rear seat and lights.
To others  customizing is a new paint job along with custom rims.
The there are others that go all out for example and want a 54 Chevy Truck  !
Each person will be amazed at the finished product.

Here is a VIP Custom job !

  • A Golf Cart that will be made to your needs!
  • An added feature or option to an existing Cart!
  • A Custom Paint Scheme or adding special lighting or new seats!
  • A Custom Cart for a hunter by building a special hunting vehicle!
  • A Custom Sound System, maybe fiber optic ceiling, special tires and wheels, custom paint job and a Lift Kit!
  • A Custom Bed for specific purposes!
  • Basically you name it and we will create it!

We can accommodate each and every request. Here is how this works. Our Consultation is timely and we discuss your wishes for the Custom Cart. We then determine a comfortable budget for the Project. We then show you many options that you could choose from that will fit into your criteria.  Now it’s our turn, we then go to work building the perfect cart that You designed.  We use only New Parts when we are customizing your cart.  We guarantee to meet your Forecasted Price.  A Full Custom Cart would include the following…

  • New Batteries-Wires
  • New Body
  • New Roof-Windshield
  • New Lights
  • New Flooring
  • New Tires
  • New Seats
  • New Accessories
  • A Basic Custom Cart includes, New Paint Job and New Seats.
  • There are to many variables to list here.

It’s that easy and best of all, your Customized Cart
will be priced well below the Market Value!


Trades of Carts and Cars are Welcome!

These carts were Custom Made for NBC GolfNow

These carts are equipped with

Fully Street Legal
4 Passenger Golf Cart
Fiber Optics Ceiling
Custom Paint Job
Custom Body
Turn Signals
Custom Wheels and Tires
JBL Stereo System
Seat Belts
Custom Seats with Logos
Extended Roof
Rear Flip Back Seat
Hidden Cooler
Side Mirrors
Golf Club Racks and More……………………..
We guaranteed to meet their budget and we did!
We guarantee to Never go over the budget set !



Fiber Optic Ceiling


Corner View



JBL Stereo with Speakers and Fiber Optics off during the day


Side view of Logos



Anna and I sending them to Phoenix


 photo 3       IMG_1574 IMG_1321 IMG_0763 IMG_0721 Street Legal Ex 3 Side View Front Right Corner DSCN1440(1) DSCN1231 Reduced for Website photo 6(1) IMG_0480 DSCN1300 photo 6 IMG_20131205_140221_356 photo 2 IMG_0945 DSCN1491 DSCN1414 DSCN0567 DSCN1459 Side View image002 photo 6 DSCN0946 Side View J Side view IMG_20140513_104004_239 DSCN1154 DSCN0577                                                   2person1




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