Utility Carts/Financing

Our Utility Carts are exceptional for any small to midsize projects. These Utility carts have been reconditioned and tested by our Skilled Technicians with over 40 years of experience. We have sold Utility Carts to Piper Aircraft which are being used at The Airport. Piper also uses the Utility Carts to pull planes in and out of the hangers. We always recommend new batteries and all batteries should be maintained for better performance. The new batteries will insure that the heavier loads will be easily transported. The heavier the load requires a stronger demand on the batteries. We also have installed LED lights on many Utility Carts for greater visibility. Our Utility carts prices range from  $2,500 to   $4,999. We also offer many configurations which could adapt to your needs.

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We accept Carts and Cars as Trade ins!

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