The Process

Since each cart is unique I will explain the process’s that we perform:

We use the 2013-2015 Club Car Precedent  as our base cart.  A large Percentage of our carts are purchased from Private Courses where they were well maintained by the Golf and Country Clubs.

Here is our Process:

We strip the Cart

We wash the cart

We Acid Wash the cart and Frame

We check the Brakes and install new when needed

We Check the Motor
We check the wires

We inspect the frame
We replace the Leaf Springs
We change all the Bushings
We then install:
Lift Kit ( Optional )
New Tires ( You Choose the Tires & Wheels )
New Batteries
New Wires
New Body ( You Choose the Color )
New Light Kit DOT Approved with Blinkers
New Brake Lights ( DOT Aprroved )
New Horn
New Flooring
New Steering Wheel ( you choose )
New Voltage Gauge
New Unique Key
New Rear Seat
New Stereo System
New Windshield ( DOT approved)
New Wiper ( DOT Approved)
New Custom Seats ( You Choose the Colors )
New or Rebuilt Motor ( Based on your wishes and needs ) ( DOT approved )New Roof ( You Choose the color )
New Stereo System ( Pioneer, Bose,kenwood)
New Seat Belts ( DOT approved)
New rain Protection System

As you can see we perform a lengthy process to insure the Carts Excellent Condition.