The Family at Golf Carts of Vero Beach in Fort Pierce


The Burklew Family

The Burklew Family: 

Tim, Anna, Jarod and Joshua are the sole owners and operators of Golf Carts of Vero Beach. We started Golf carts of Vero Beach June 1st 2012 here in Vero Beach. We have expanded 3 times since we have arrived and we owe that to all of you our Customers. We are here for YOU ! and we will do what it takes to earn your business ! I guarantee it! 

What do we do?

We provide Sales, Service and Customization of all Golf carts.   Club Car  Ez Go Yamaha Tomberlin E Zone Star Evolution And many more  We sell Batteries of all types Interstate Trojan Generic   We sell Golf cart Tires for all carts New  Used Street Ready  We sell parts to all carts  Any question please call us at 772-778-2278

The Staff

Here at Golf Carts of Vero Beach we have a well trained staff that works closely together to "Make it Happen"  We have people come to us with some different ideas and we have been able to please each and everyone of our customers with those unique requests.  Have an idea come see us we will “Make it Happen” !

Our Customers

We have been blessed to have a very diverse group of customers here in Vero Beach.  Our customers range from a person looking for a golf cart for $1,000 fixer upper to a person that is looking for a really custom golf cart with Tv’s , Smoke machines, Led lights. You name it we have built it.  Some of our famous customers are , The NY Mets Baseball team players and owner, NBC Golf Channel and the PGA tour, and many local organizations in Vero Beach like Windsor, The Moorings, Orchid Island Golf Club, Pointe West , Meadowood Golf and Tennis, and everyone of the parks in our area. We appreciate each and everyone of you for your continued business !

Street Legal Golf Carts

What is a Street legal Golf Cart ?  This is a cart especially built by the laws of Florida Dot so you can drive on any state road 35 MPH or less , You can cross 45 Mph and cross 55 Mph but you can not drive on them  Here at Golf Carts of Vero Beach we have gone through all the steps to be the only dealer in Vero Beach to have the proper license to build you a street legal golf cart.  Come take a look and our Used and New inventory. If you do not find the perfect cart then we will customize one for you.  Stop by the shop today at 3435 Aviation Blvd Vero Beach to see what we have for YOU!

Here is what you need to know when buying a cart

To many people come to us with issues they have faced after they bought a cart from Craigs List or some small groups working out of their garage or other below standard facilities.

Look for a dealer that looks like a dealer not out of a small garage.  

These will only take your money and they will never issue a warranty. We will stand behind every sale we make !

Buyer beware !

Come see a professional dealer with a large inventory, staff in uniforms and that will look and act like a dealer. 

Inside Golf carts of Vero Beach in 

The Staff at Golf carts of Vero Beach in