2 Person Golf Carts Pmts. as low as 149 per month

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Each one of these carts have been built specifically for the customer’s needs. The Price Range on these carts start at $2,999 and go up according to YOUR NEEDS ! As you see each cart is  different from one another. This is because each person has their own taste. We would love to sit down with you and let you design your own cart with the exact details you would like. You decide on the color of the golf cart body, the colors of the seats, the color of the roof,  the size of the tires, and you even get to choose the speed of your golf cart.  Tell us what your budget is and we will build the “Perfect Cart “ based on “Your Budget and Design”.

DSCN09182 Passenger Basic Club Car Precedent Golf Cart
Priced by the years
2015      $4,999
2014       $4,599
2013       $4,199

These are carts that are in Great condition and have a good used battery pack.  These carts are inexpensive and great starter carts. You can add options to them now or anytime in the future.

IMG_0002Pictured here is a completely Customized 2 Passenger Golf cart. This cart was built on a 2011 frame.
This cart has a New Rain Curtain System,  New Body, New Lights front and rear, New Custom Seats, New Tires and Wheels, mirrors and a High Speed Motor.

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We also take Carts and Cars as trade ins.