Lifted Carts 4 Passenger and Financing!

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We sell many Lifted Carts here at Golf Carts of Vero Beach. We only install Lift kits on carts that have been reconditioned by our staff. After we have taken in a cart we recondition the carts and these carts are ready for a lift kit if the customer chooses for a lift lit. Our Lifted Golf Carts come in many styles , shapes and sizes. You can choose the size of your lift. We have sizes starting at 3” up to 6” and max out the lifts at 11” You can chose the size of tire you would like starting at 20” all the way up to 30” tires. Our Lifted carts do not come to us lifted we do all the work right here in the shop. When choosing your lift kit and tires you have the full  control over what YOU WANT! When choosing the tires and rims you get to choose from a basic black rim all the way to fancy chrome rims and many choices in between. When choosing the tires you can choose from a basic golf cart tire to a real street tire or an off road tire. Now they have the ability to offer off road/ street tires.

Buy any of the above carts for as little as $1,999 Down and $235 a month

Come Design your ultimate cart!

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                             We Now Finance all of our Carts in inventory!