4 Passenger Non Lifted Carts

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Our Non Lifted 4 Passenger carts start at $2,999. Many of these carts have been customized and designed by our customers. Come in and design your own cart. To understand the value of these carts here is a small example.

Our replacement Tested Batteries value is $600.00
A Controller Unit (The Brain) value is $800
A New Charger value is $500
A Tested Motor value is $600

This equates to $2,500 without discussing the price of the body. Dealers or individuals who are selling four passenger Golf Carts for $2,500 or less should be carefully checked out.  At Golf Carts of Vero Beach we take pride in what we sell and we go above and beyond to ensure your Complete Satisfaction! We do this by backing each and every golf cart with our Extended Warranty. Our Pre-Owned 4 passenger carts start at $2,995 and up depending on what accessories that you would like added to your cart.

We have a computer load tester for batteries. We charge the set of Batteries and then Test them. This tester will run the golf cart and simulate it being driven at full speed. With this process we will be able to analyze down to the second how much battery life is remaining. If you have 70% Battery Life Remaining then Batteries are not needed. We will also warranty this set of batteries. Each cart listed below has been tested as stated as stated above.

 We have Carts available for Every Budget!

Our Custom 4 Passenger NON Lifted Golf Carts range from the basic package listed
above to whatever you would like to add to your golf Cart.



This Teal Customized 4 Passenger Cart started as a 2010 Base Club Car Frame.
This customer added the following,

Custom Paint Job
Limited Addition Body style
Custom Seats with Special inscription
Custom Valance
White Roof
Folding Rear Seat
Special Order Tires and Wheels
New batteries

You will see this beautiful cart traveling around your neighborhood.  Imagine what you would  look like in your custom cart!

What are you waiting for?